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All you need to know about Mukuro.


Dino Cavallone // Haneuma Dino 

KHR! Flame Rumble
 Vongola Guardians
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I'd advise you not to provoke Shoichi, he's really sharp.
As a fellow engineer,
I can't say that I don't understand his feelings.


Hibari is an accurate representation of most people on Tumblr.

Favorite KHR characters [2/?]

»Hayato Gokudera

You’re all inexperienced, insecure, and brash, leading to one disappointing mistake after another.
When you make such mistakes and get through them, you grow steadily.
That is your greatest weapon.


You can never run away from a trial… Never. After that fateful day, we were transformed into babies, cursed to protect these pacifiers for eternity, as Arcobaleno. None of us could readily accept the situation that had befallen us except for Luce, who’d known this would happen all along.”
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this one was funny to do